In for the ultimate challenge?

Student Association La Confrérie is host to students of the Hotelschool the Hague. Since 1957, La Confrérie has been broadening the social lives of its members by organizing all kinds of events and activities. Being an international Association, the nationalities of its members range from all over the world.

THENEXT-GEN Student Boxing is coming to Oh So Beloved Scheveningen! For the first time, members of La Confrérie will have the chance to completely turn their lives around for three months. Coming June, the first generation of brave members will enter the ring. Are you up for the challenge, want to learn kickboxing and get super fit under the guidance of top coaches? Training hard, suffer and show discipline to shine in the ring in a packed room of your screaming club, fraternity and housemates?

Information meeting

Date: Sunday 12th March at 11:30
Location: Hit and Health: Catharinaland 5, 2591 CE Den Haag

Start trajectory

Date: Monday 27th March
Location: Hit and Health: Catharinaland 5, 2591 CE Den Haag


Date: Wednesday 14th June
Location: To be announced..

Ticket sales

Ticket sales for the La Confrérie kickboxing gala on the 14th of June are now open. Buy your ticket quickly, because there is only a limited amount available.